Утилиты для просмотра файлов

Adobe Reader 9.1.2


Официальный просмоторщик PDF файлов от компании Adobe

Firebird 21.06.2009 в 22:50 RedHat RPM

FBReader 0.10.0


Данная утилита предназначена для чтения электронных книг

Основные возможности программы:

· Supported formats are
· fb2 e-book format (style attributes are not supported yet).
· Html format (text-only, tables and images are not supported).
· plucker format (embedded images are supported, tables are not supported).
· Palmdoc (aportis doc).
· zTxt (Weasel format).
· Plain text format.
· Direct reading from tar, zip and gzip archives. (Multiple books in one archive are supported).
· Supported encodings: utf-8, us-ascii, windows-1251, windows-1252, koi8-r, ibm866, iso-8859-*. Automatic encoding detection is supported.
· Automatically generated contents table.
· Embedded images support (in html format, images are not supported).
· Footnotes/hyperlinks support.
· Position indicator.
· Keeps the last open book and the last read positions for all opened books between runs.
· List of last opened books.
· Automatic hyphenations. Liang's algorithm is used. The same algorithm is used in TeX, and TeX hyphenation patterns are used in FBReader. Patterns for English, French, German and Russian are included in the current version.
· Text search.
· Full-screen mode.
· Screen rotation.

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