PostgreSQL 9.2.3

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20.5 Mb
Список изменений: 

· Prevent unnecessary table scans during vacuuming
· Prevent spurious cached plan error in PL/pgSQL
· Allow sub-SELECTs to be subscripted
· Prevent DROP OWNED from dropping databases or tablespaces
· Make ECPG use translated messages
· Allow PL/Python to use multi-table trigger functions (again) in 9.1 and 9.2
· Fix several activity log management issues on Windows
· Prevent autovacuum file truncation from being cancelled by deadlock_timeout
· Make extensions build with the .exe suffix automatically on Windows
· Fix concurrency issues with CREATE/DROP DATABASE
· Reject out-of-range values in to_date() conversion function
· Revert cost estimation for large indexes back to pre-9.2 behavior
· Make pg_basebackup tolerate timeline switches
· Cleanup leftover temp table entries during crash recovery
· Prevent infinite loop when COPY inserts a large tuple into a table with a large fillfactor
· Prevent integer overflow in dynahash creation
· Make pg_upgrade work with INVALID indexes
· Fix bugs in TYPE privileges
· Allow Contrib installchecks to run in their own databases
· Many documentation updates
· Add new timezone "FET".

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