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    Due to an unexpected breakage on our database servers, several Gentoo websites are currently down. In particular, this includes Forums, Wiki, and Bugzilla. Please visit our Infrastructure status page for real-time monitoring and eventual outage notices.

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    Following some technical reorganization and the introduction of new hardware, the Gentoo Release Engineering team is happy to offer a much-expanded set of stage files for download. Highlights are in particular the inclusion of musl-based stages and of POWER9-optimized ppc64 downloads, as well as additional systemd-based variants for many architectures.

    For amd64, Hardened/SELinux stages are now available directly from the download page, as are stages based on the lightweight C standard library musl. Note that musl requires using the musl overlay, as described on the page of the Hardened musl project.

    For ppc, little-endian stages optimized for the POWER9 CPU series have been added, as have been big- and little-endian Hardened musl downloads.

    Additionally, for all of amd64, ppc64, x86, and arm, stages are now available in both an OpenRC and a systemd init system / service manager variant wherever that makes sense.

    This all has become possible via the introduction of new build hosts. The amd64, x86 (natively), arm (via QEMU), and riscv (via QEMU) archives are built on an AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X 8-core machine with 64GByte of RAM, located in Hetzner’s Helsinki datacentre. The ppc, ppc64, and ppc64le / power9le builds are handled by two 16-core POWER9 machines with 32GByte of RAM, provided by OSUOSL POWER Development Hosting.

    Further, at the moment an arm64 (aka aarch64) machine with an 80-core Ampere Altra CPU and 256GByte of RAM, provided by Equinix through the Works On Arm program, is being prepared for improved native arm64 and arm support, so expect updates there soon!

  3. Today (2021-05-26) a large number of Gentoo channels have been hijacked by Freenode staff, including channels that were not yet migrated to Libera.chat. We cannot perceive this otherwise than as an open act of hostility and we have effectively left Freenode.

    Please note that at this point the only official Gentoo IRC channels, as well as developer accounts, can be found on Libera Chat.

    2021-06-15 update

    As a part of an unannounced switch to a different IRC daemon, the Freenode staff has removed all channel and nickname registrations. Since many Gentoo developers have left Freenode permanently and are not interested in registering their nicknames again, this opens up further possibilities of malicious impersonation.

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    The Gentoo Council held an emergency single agenda item meeting today. At this meeting, we have decided to move the official IRC presence of Gentoo to the Libera Chat IRC network. We intend to have this move complete at latest by 13/June/2021. A full log of the meeting will be available for download soon.

    At the moment it is unclear whether we will retain any presence on Freenode at all; we urge all users of the #gentoo channel namespace to move to Libera Chat immediately. IRC channel names will (mostly) remain identical. You will be able to recognize Gentoo developers on Libera Chat by their IRC cloak in the usual form gentoo/developer/*. All other technical aspects will feel rather familiar to all of us as well. Detailed instructions for setting up various IRC clients can be found on the help pages of the IRC network.

  5. According to the information published recently, there have been major changes in the way the Freenode IRC network is administered. This has resulted in a number of staff members raising concerns about the new administration and/or resigning. A large number of open source projects have already announced the transition to other IRC networks, or are actively discussing it.

    It is not yet clear whether and how these changes will affect Gentoo. We are observing as the situation develops. It is possible that we will decide to move the official Gentoo channels to another network in the best interest of our users. At the same time, we realize that such a move will be an inconvenience to them.

    At the same time, it has came to our attention that certain individuals have been using the situation to impersonate Gentoo developers on other IRC networks. The official Gentoo developers can be identified on Freenode by their gentoo/developer cloak. If we move to another network, we will announce claiming a respective cloak.

    Please check this page for future updates.

    More information on the Freenode situation can be found at:

    2021-05-22 update

    The Gentoo Council will be meeting tomorrow (Sunday, 2021-05-23) at 19:00 UTC to discuss the problem and the possible solutions.

    The Gentoo Group Contacts team has been taking steps in order to ensure readiness for the most likely options.