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  1. Доброго времени суток! ниже приведена секция описывающая работу виртуального хоста из файла virtuals.conf Цитата: <VirtualHost ***> ServerAdmin *** ServerName "***" TransferLog /var/log/proftpd/xfer/ftp.server.com TransferRate RETR 1 MaxLoginAttempts 3 RequireValidShell no DefaultRoot ~ AllowOverwrite yes #setting where from to take parametrs for quota QuotaLimitTable file:/home/ftp/ftpquota.limittab QuotaTallyTable file:/home/ftp/ftpquota.tallytab <Anonymous ~/tmp> User anonymous_u Group anonymous #UserAlias anonymous_u ftp # Cosmetic changes, all files belongs to ftp user DirFakeUser on anonymous_u DirFakeGroup on anonymous_u # We want 'welcome.msg' displayed at login, and '.message' displayed # in each newly chdired directory. #DisplayLogin welcome.msg #DisplayChdir .message # Limit WRITE <Directory /> <Limit WRITE> AllowAll </Limit> </Directory> # Allow STORE <Directory /> <Limit STORE> AllowAll </Limit> </Directory> </Anonymous> Модуль mod_quotatab.c в proftpd.conf активирован Цитата: <IfModule mod_quotatab.c> QuotaEngine on </IfModule> Сами таблицы Цитата: root@:/home/ftp# ftpquota --show-records --type=limit ------------------------------------------- Name: anonymous_u Quota Type: User Per Session: False Limit Type: Hard Uploaded bytes: 15728640.00 Downloaded bytes: unlimited Transferred bytes: unlimited Uploaded files: 4294967295 Downloaded files: 4294967295 Transferred files: unlimited root@students:/home/ftp# root@xxx:/home/ftp# ftpquota --show-records --type=tally ------------------------------------------- Name: anonymous_u Quota Type: User Uploaded bytes: 10485760.00 Downloaded bytes: 10485760.00 Transferred bytes: 0.00 Uploaded files: 4294967295 Downloaded files: 0 Transferred files: 0 А вот листинг сессии на сервере Цитата: xxx@students:~$ ftp xxx Connected to xxx. 220 ProFTPD 1.3.3a Server (Vitia) [::ffff:xxx] Name (xxx:xxx): anonymous_u 331 Anonymous login ok, send your complete email address as your password Password: 230 Anonymous access granted, restrictions apply Remote system type is UNIX. Using binary mode to transfer files. ftp> quote site quota 202 No quotas in effect ftp> И вот это то и не понятно - почему квоты не установились???
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